Hosting options

Your hosting options with stratejos are:

  1. stratejos cloud
  2. stratejos server (on-premise)

stratejos cloud

stratejos has a set of services hosted on infrastructure in the cloud (we call this the stratejos cloud). We host the stratejos cloud for two main reasons:

  1. To make it easy for you, the users, to sign up and use stratejos without the hassles of installing and managing your own infrastructure and
  2. stratejos's algorithms run better in the cloud through access to better infrastructure and more data.

The stratejos cloud is the default approach to using stratejos. If you visit, click sign up and walk through the onboarding flow then this is the approach you are taking.

If you install a stratejos plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace then it is assumed you will be using the stratejos cloud even if you install server plugins like the stratejos plugin for JIRA Server.

stratejos for JIRA Server and the stratejos cloud

When you install stratejos with JIRA Server and plugins for other server based systems (e.g. HipChat Server), the plugin you have installed connects to the stratejos cloud by default. So the right ports and access needs to be enabled for stratejos to work correctly.

You can check whether your JIRA Server instance has access by SSHing into your JIRA Server instance and running `curl` or attempting to open from a web browser on the server hosting JIRA Server.

However, some organisations don't want their information leaving the network.

stratejos server (on-premise)

stratejos can also be installed within your network, sometimes called on-premise. When we install this way we say we're installing stratejos server in your network. This gives you complete control over security, availability and disaster recovery.

If you want stratejos server then please submit a support ticket.


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